Advisory Board    
Mr. Andrew Kang
‧Chairman of Technology Associates Management Co., Ltd.
‧Former President of Technology Associates Co., Taiwan
‧Former EVP of H&Q Taiwan
Dr. C.T.Chen
‧Founder of several biotech companies¨9
‧Professor of Medical School, University of Chicago
‧Expert of Biomedical Imaging and Medical Physics
Mr. Peter C.Chen
‧Senior Partner of Formosan Brothers Attorneys-At-Law
‧Managing Director of Taiwan Bar Associations
‧LL.M. from National Taiwan University
Dr. Schiu Sche
‧Chairman of NeoStones Micro Fabrication Corp.
‧Team Leader of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’
‧Senior Consultant of USI and OPTO Tech Corp.
‧Ph.D. from RWTH Achen (Germany)
Dr. Shing Mao
‧Former Chairman of Lite-on USA
‧Years experience at TI, Raytheon and UTL
‧Ph.D. in EE from Stanford University
Dr. Tom Shao
‧General Partner of Technology Associates Management Co., Ltd.
‧Years working experience at Bell Labs, AT&T and IBM
‧Ph. D. in EE from University of Illinois
      「Name Arranged in alphabetical order」