Investment Strategy    


The Alliance Management Consulting Co. Ltd. adopts the Pipeline Model as its investment strategy, with Taiwan serving as the center of the platform, thus enabling us to leverage both the advanced and innovative technologies in the U.S.A. and the cost competitiveness and huge market potentials in Mainland China. Through our well established investment networks and strategic alliance partnerships, AMCC has built excellent investment platform and model for strengthening our investment management.

  In terms of our strategy for selecting investee companies, we adhere to the MIC rule (M for Macroeconomic, I for Industrial, and C for Company) to source and screen the deal. First we need to understand the changes of the overall macroeconomic trends in depth, and then identify those industries which are in the ascendant trend and will become high growth industries in the following 2-4 years. Within these industries, we will find and evaluate those potential companies that maintain the best competitive edges in the industry value chain as our investment target. Per our screening criterion, AMCC will conduct detailed appraisals in terms of potential investee firmsˇ¦ technology and business development. In this connection, the integrity of the management team is an indispensable factor for AMCC to make the investment decision.

In terms of post-management strategy, AMCC will maintain close partnership with portfolio companies, participate in business development for the company, and provide additional value-added services to the invested company. AMCC also seek to fully understand the portfolio company's operations and its financial positions on a timely basis, so as to help portfolio companies to become successful and yield remarkable investment returns.