About AMCC    


The Alliance Management Consulting Co. Ltd (AMCC) is a professional venture capital fund management company with a strong background in investment banking. It was founded on the British Virginia Islands (BVI) by the Himalaya Group, Technology Associate Management Co. Ltd (TAMC), and other corporate investors in the year of 2000, and its Taipei office was established to focus on fund management and related businesses.

AMCC is a value-added venture capital company that offers entrepreneurs and portfolio companies a unique combination of such successful factors as funding, competitive strategy, business model, and established platforms in Taiwan, U.S.A. and China value chain. Premised on our insistence on good faith and company integrity, our mission is to help the invested company to become successful and yield the highest returns for our fund shareholders.

Since its establishment in the year 2000, many of AMCC's portfolio companies have been successful acquired by tier-1 IT companies, and/or listed in U.S.A., Hong Kong and Taiwan Security Exchanges. Furthermore, AMCC's consultancy services have successful helped several companies turned loss to profit and went IPO.
AMCC will continue to play a key role in high-tech and financial investment industries, and assist our portfolio companies to grasp the developing opportunity and maximize investment returns for our shareholders.